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How to Wear Faux Fur Collars

Are you searching for a perfect accessory to your winter outerwear?

Every woman wants to get a stylish look while staying comfy. In the winter season, apart from adding style to your appearance, you also want to feel warm and cozy. A quality collar made from faux furs is a popular cold season item on the market today. Collar is a beautiful and outfit changer accessory. It can be worn over almost any item of clothing to give a very stylish and glamorous look. It has the power to instantly elevate any jacket or coat — and even the one you might be bored with by now. You can easily make your old outerwear look completely new.

If you are a fashion-forward dresser who likes to make a statement with their outfit, you can try pairing your coats with a modern color contrasting fur collar. You can choose a medium to long length fur collar and drape it around the back of the neck and cross the ends over the other. Bright eye-catching collar will allow you to make the ‘scarf’ your outfit’s focal point. Yes, you can treat the fur collar totally like a scarf. This way of wearing will definitely give them the attention they deserve from everyone around.

When the weather is slightly chilly, there are several ways you can pair your fur collar with a light jacket. One popular way is to drape the scarf evenly around your neck and let it hang just like an open vest. This style will require a long length collar but it is a cozy option for an afternoon outing. This vest-like appearance makes it possible to wear it to a wide range of places.  

Another option is to drape the collar around yourself like a blanket. You can select a wide collar that is able to cover your shoulders and upper arm. This is a comfortable way of wearing which adds a warming layer to your outfit if the winter air is cutting through your dress.

Just not be afraid to experiment with collars and its wearing styles. Add this accessory to your outfits for a glamorous night out or a casual day. Have fun pairing the fur collar with a wide range of items in your closet.

Will you be wearing one this winter, or passing on this trend?

You can really bring a new touch to your outerwear just with a fur collar without necessarily investing in a new coat. The collars not only make the coat appear more expensive and elegant but it also helps to keep your chest, neck, and shoulders warmer.

Change up your winter outfits with this gorgeous accessory.

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