With love from New-York
100% VEGAN

About Us

We really love animals. They are cute and smart and they love us unconditionally.

We look after them and we care about them. And for many of us, they are our friends. When they communicate with us it almost feels as if they are able to understand our mood. They can sometimes be similar to us in appearance and character and it really is funny.

Our goal is to give women the opportunity to dress stylishly and beautifully without killing animals. Selling faux fur coats is not only business for us, but is also a way to reduce the amount of violence that is done in the name of fashion!

Eco Faux fur is a revolutionary material that has many similarities to animal fur, the only difference is that no animals were harmed in the making of it. In addition to its appearance, Eco Faux fur  is water resistant and wear resistant. In modern times everyone is becoming increasingly aware of nature, and so they are opting for alternative options.

We believe that life is the most valuable commodity, thus, our goal is to dress women beautifully, making sure they are warm in a nature friendly way. Real beauty comes from the choice to be pro-life, something we strive to be at Leers

We offer to our customers excellent faux fur coats and guarantee the highest quality of standards. This is something that we strive for and it is truly our goal to not make any sacrifices when it comes to maintaining your beauty and ensuring your absolute comfort.