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Different Ways to Wear Faux Fur Coats

One of the most stylish and simple ways to look and play with your style is to wear a faux fur coat. Many women hesitate to carry it, since they know little about how to do much with it.

Faux fur is now absolutely gorgeous and can even create effects that cannot exist with real fur. How cool is that, right? Some look as precious as real ones. Rich navies, bright magentas and icy greys update the look, but classic blacks and browns bring a luxe elegance that will be stylish for years.

So, we offer you several styles and tips of how to wear faux fur coats during the winter.

What style you want to go for - formal, casual or maybe glamy. You can create whatever style you want easily. You can add casual look to yourself wearing a faux fur coat.

How?  ...  Just pair it with some sneakers and denim.

Talking more about causal look, you can wear a check button-down top layering with a faux fur vest which can also give an everyday casual look. Opt for a modern color. If pink is your color then go for it. Forest green and burgundy are all time fashionable hues that can’t fail you, so check them out.

As autumn is all about bold colors, so why not pick a bold color for a faux coat? This not only looks sophisticated, but also gives an edgy and glamy look to the personality. Rainbow colors are cute, and so will they look when worn as faux coats. White is forever classic, then why not go for a white coat?

Well go ahead and try!

To have an absolutely chic look just combine the faux fur coat with a contrast hat. Are you looking for an evening look? For a formal event wear a sleek dress and high heel ankle boots and pair it with a faux fur coat.

Wearing faux fur to work? ... Yes, you can wear faux fur to the office and still have a professional look. You just have to choose the right coat or jacket. Go for a fitted gilet with streamlined fur in some soft or natural colour. You can layer it over a pantsuit or some formal blouse. Try to keep the rest of your outfit formal and in similar hues to have that chic look for the office.

Mix things up and try new ways.

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