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Best Ideas on What to Wear with a Faux Fur Vest

Faux fur vests … they are so comfy, cozy, glamour and extremely stylish.

Fur outerwear always looks perfect and really ladylike.

What makes it so tempting to buy faux fur vest is that you do not have to wait for fancy events to do it. You can wear it at any time with all types of clothes. It incorporates a certain degree of sophistication. Moreover, it can be a good friend on a chilly night that can protect you from icy winds.

Do you want to present yourself as chic and modern while going around your city streets? So, the faux fur vest is a right choice

If you are a fur addicted persona, then you should keep in mind several tips.

Let's go with the ideas for wearing a Faux Fur Vest:

- Idea 1

If you are looking for something to layer yourself, a fur vest can go a long way. Whether you are wearing a scarf or a warm sweater, add a faux fur vest into the mix and create an elegant and breathtaking outfit of your own! Apart from its unique flair, it can also ensure that you remain warm and cozy.

- Idea 2

In some cases, a simple short dress is not complete without an outerwear.

If you are targeting a casual outfit, then a denim jacket will do the job. However, for an extravagant and opulent look, wear a faux fur vest. For instance, you can complement a short black dress with a brown fur vest to look dashing and charming.

To attain a glamorous look, you can wear a white faux fur vest with a contrasting leather outfit.

- Idea 3

If you are going to wear a full black ensemble, you have two choices. You can either,

Go along with it and wear it a black fur vest to make a bold statement.

You can choose a fur vest with some bright colors to create a shiny, enchanting look.

If you want to look as a grungy trendsetter, go with the first option. And vice versa , if you want to present yourself as a lively socially, the second combination will suit you more.

- Idea 4

Do you wear boyfriend jeans frequently? Now you can make it look better adding a trendy, chic clothing item. Just pair a faux fur vest with your boyfriend jeans. Additionally, you can wear high heels to take it up a notch. This entire look will be an excellent choice if you are going to college or spending a routine day in the office. 

- Idea 5

If you are in a traditional pantsuit and want to break away from your boring look, select a fur vest.

It may seem bold at first but it can highlight your fashion forward style. You instantly go from super casual and generic to risk taking and a fashionista with that one item. If you want a calmer look, just pick faux fur vests that are not fluffy. Similarly the bigger ones can help you make a fashion statement.

- Idea 6

The pairing of sweater dress and fur vest always works well. The vest will not only help you to feel relaxed, cozy and warm, but it can also complete the look of your sweater dress.

- Idea 7

For a bohemian vibe, wear an embroidered maxi dress with your fur vest. You can also wear a scarf to enhance your look. If you want a minimalist impact, wear a plain dress. For example, you can wear a minimalistic all-black outfit and contrast it with a white faux fur vest along with a pair of ankle boots.

Now that you know what to wear with a fur vest, you need to fill up your wardrobe and buy a fur vest.

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