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What to choose: faux fur or animal fur

We have made a list of advantages of faux fur coats over fur coats made of animal fur, so you will be left with no doubt.

1. Some may say that a coat made of animal fur is warmer. However, thanks to modern light insulation, LEERSY faux fur coats withstand temperatures up to -30°C!

2. Animal fur coats should be prevented from soaking. But LEERSY eco fur coats are suitable for damp weather.

3. All of our faux fur coats can be washed in a washing machine while ordinary coats made of animal fur have to be dry cleaned.

4. Modern faux fur is mostly indistinguishable from animal fur. We have a large number of "realistic-looking" faux fur coats if you prefer materials that look and feel like real fur.

5. Animal fur is believed to be more eco-friendly. But some studies have proved that it is the most harmful material in the fashion industry.

- Fur farms come at a high cost for our planet. They pollute air and water and contaminate the soil.

- To prevent animal fur from decomposition, fur coats are soaked in formaldehyde, formalin, cyanide-based oils, and other toxic substances.

- According to studies, the harm from the manufacturing of fur clothing is almost 20 times greater than that from the production of clothing from other fabrics (including polyester)!
- And of course, to farm and kill animals for their fur - can you imagine something less eco-friendly?

6. Faux fur is less harmful to the environment.

- Faux fur is lightweight, warm, durable, and more sustainable than animal fur.

- A fur-free coat is a beautiful garment manufactured without animal suffering.

- Sadly, the manufacturing of faux fur is not 100% sustainable. But the harm is significantly less than those from the cotton, wool, and, of course, animal textile.

- Our cruelty-free fur coats can be recycled and reused!

  • What to choose: faux fur or animal fur
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