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What Shoes to Wear with Faux Fur Coats

Faux Fur Coats look especially warm, and they feel very cute and nice to wear.

You can style it in a variety of ways and can create a completely different look even only with the right pair of shoes.

What shoes match the fur coat best? For the answer of this question, you should first think what look you want to get.

Shoes can change the whole vibe of an outfit.

1. Fur Coat + Sneakers

You can put your Faux Fur Coat in combination with sneakers.

Sneakers will bring more casual vibes to your whole Faux Fur look.

Sneakers give a feeling of lively youth so that the overall shape does not appear top-heavy, even with the thick fur coat can balance the whole. And since the sneakers themselves are very casual, so it feels like not taking the graceful fur as a matter, looks chic and fashionable.

Balance a glamorous faux fur coat with a pair of sneakers.

2. Fur Coat + Combat / Biker Boots

Give your everyday look an update with some biker or combat boots.

Among the new fashion trends for 2019 and 2020, biker boots, or combat boots, are one of the most popular ones.

Biker boots can instantly add an edgy note to many romantic and feminine Faux Fur coats.

Having at least one pair in your wardrobe can be very useful. You can Combine it with skinny jeans or leggings.

For a trendy urban look, layer your coat over your midi and maxi dresses completing your outfit with some biker boots? In fact, the addition of a pair of biker boots, or combat boots, will make these dresses even more characterful.

Go on and create such contrast outfit.

3. Fur Coat + High Heel Ankle Boots

If you want to create more glamorous look for a chic evening out on the town, just go for high heeled ankle boots.

You can style them with cropped trousers, knee-length skirts or work dresses.

Elevate your look to chic with your gorgeous Faux Fur Coat and the pair of high heel ankle boots.

Lovely, warm and also glam ...

Make the most of your wardrobe and create lots of new combinations.

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