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How to Wear Faux Fur Hats

To look stylish while staying warm during the winter it is necessary to add some chic fur accessories to your wardrobe. Fur hats, mittens and collars play an important role in your winter dressing getup.

Not only do hats add to your overall comfort in cold temps, and protect your face and ears in freezing conditions, they can also bring a great deal of handsome style to your appearance when you’re out and about.

The trapper hat — also known as trooper hat — is the perfect headwear type for keeping your head and ears warm and in style. Trapper and aviator hats are essentially hats with ears (that can be flipped up) and are surely some of the warmest winter hats. This style of hat will suit most face types and are popular with both men and women. The special way to wear the fur trapper hat in style doesn’t exist, the trapper hat fits well with almost everything. It instantly adds style to your outfit. The fur trapper hat is really easy to wear with all kinds of looks – casual, classic, rock, elegant, it adds character to your style.

There are some nuances of choosing the right winter color combinations and end up with a stylish, modern look. Color, while largely a personal matter, is an important factor. Bright, primary colors are typically considered more casual and favored for leisure activities like skiing and snowboarding. Fur hats are often associated with glamour and are popular with those looking for a more formal winter hat. Earth tones are also very popular colors for trapper hats.  

Browns, greens and grays make the look more urban. How?  ...  Just pair it with some sneakers and denim.

For a more classic look, you can style your outfit with cossack hats. These faux-fur-lined hats are also a great way to look stylish while staying warm this winter season.

Will you be wearing one this winter, or passing on this trend?

Mix things up and try new ways.

  • How to Wear Faux Fur Hats
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