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Affiliates instructions

Welcome to our affiliate program leersy.com!

Attract buyers into our shop and earn together with us! The standard fee for purchase of an attracted client is 5%. 

For that to become our partner, follow these steps:

1) Click on the link "Affiliates" at the bottom on any page of the website

2) Click "Continue" in the "New Affiliate"

3) On the next page fill in the required fields and you payment method

4)  Click "Continue" and you affiliate account will be created!

How to create affiliate links to products?

1) In the store remember the name of the product

2) Go to "Affiliate Tracking"

3) In the field "Tracking Link Generator" start typing the product name and select it.

In the field "Tracking Link"  will display the affiliate link to the product, copy it.

Now this link can be placed anywhere on the Internet! If someone clicks that link and buys a product you receive the Commission!

To check the current status of orders for your affiliate links you can see "Transaction"

Earn together with us and we wish you good luck!